We envision creating a world where everyone wants to belong, one peace at a time; a world where people are contributing to the well-being of each other in mutually satisfying ways.

With the tools and practices of Radical Compassion we integrate presence, empathy and authenticity, connect more fully with ourselves and others, building resources for contributing to life.

Radical Compassion offers tools and practices of Nonviolent Communication to help you more fully integrate compassion and joy into your life and to support a world where everyone has access to resources to meet their needs. 

These practical, learnable skills support:  

  • transforming blame and criticism into consideration and respect, through connection to the underlying needs that drive behavior
  • discerning what is actually happening right now, distinguishing observation from opinion
  • understanding the positive intention of our emotions:  feelings indicate that something is important right now
  • identifying underlying universally shared values to motivate and support connection
  • informing creative choices that work for all concerned
  • interacting with the dynamics of power in ways that increase cooperation and satisfaction in our relationships

A practice for presence and awareness of your own experience: 

  • Check your intention: Why do you want to do this right now? (Intention)
  • Focus on the present moment: What is presenting right now:
    • What information are you perceiving through your five senses? (Observation)
    • What physical sensations and emotions are you noticing? (Feeling)
    • What universal need/value is important to you right now? (Need)
    • What could you ask for that may contribute to your well-being? (Request)

(This practice is based on Nonviolent Communication)

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