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Gratitude Practice for Creativity & Vitality

Gratitude practice supports us in connecting to what we DO have rather than what we DON'T have.  Sometimes we do not notice the needs that are met, and that have been met often enough for us to be surviving and thriving.  In fact, we are genetically the decendants of many generations of ancestors who developed the capacities to thrive. 
Focusing on what we are grateful for brings about the awareness of choices that have made worked for us, and supports our awareness of a variety of choices that can contribute to increasingly joyous and fulfilled lives.  Here is an enlivening practice for resourcefulness and enjoyment of our lives:

1.  What specifically is working right now that is supporting you?
2.  What intrinsic value does that have in your life?
3.  Right now, how do you feel about that?
4.  Take time to savor this experience.

This can extend to a practice that will develop habitual resourcefulness:  designate a time each day to ask yourself the following questions, following each with steps #2-4 above:
A.  What did someone do today to make my life more wonderful?
B.  What did I do today to make my life more wonderful?
C.  What did I do today to make someone's life more wonderful?
D.  What did someone do in the past that continues to contribute to me?
E.  What is something someone did for someone else that touches you deeply?


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