Becoming a Certified Trainer for

The Center for Nonviolent Communication

Greetings and warm aloha,

Thank you for your passion for sharing NVC and considering the path of becoming a Certified Trainer!

I feel excited to have you contemplate joining our shared mission.

Currently about 50 Assessors and Assessors in Training support CNVC registered certification candidate. Each Assessor, Team or Community uses different strategies to help candidates explore and reach their aim to become a certified Trainer.

We help you create and sustain self-organized Pods for your certification process.

Jori and I work with Pods (small groups of about 6 or 7) to foster mutual support and education in your native language. 

 We support a co-created process for your own discovery and integration; you and your pod-mates create a supportive community of practice.  The pod members walk together on the path and help each other to decide when they are ready for each next step.

We will provide you with:

  1. Suggestions and training in how to give and receive feedback.

  2. Suggestions on pod organization

  3. Guidance in how to build your portfolio including key distinctions (KDs), the Matrix, role plays, journal writing, presentations, etc.  

  4. Helping you discover answers to your questions and strategies to satisfy your wishes during your Certification journey.

  5. Support in working with the CNVC office.

How to get involved:

  1. Read the CNVC Certification Packet If you have questions after reading the packet, please write

    Here is a link to the Certification Preparation Packet:

    CPP Version Nov 2016 - A4 format - English.pdf

    CPP in Simplified Chinese

  2. Join or create a pod; you are free to approach an existing pod and request to join, or you are free to start another pod.

  3. When you have joined or created a pod, please apply to be a certified trainer candidate and name Jim as your assessor on the application when you are ready to proceed. 

  4. Send your registration fee via paypal to

  5. Your pod can request a meeting (via Zoom) with Jim and/or Jori to support you in discovering and implementing your next steps

How much does this cost?

 Fees for the certification candidates program are set by CNVC and are in the Certification Preparation Packet.

 Jim and Jori offer our support with Pods in the spirit of compassionate giving and receiving. You are free to contribute to sustaining the program in a way that works for you.

Here are the pre-registraition steps in the form of a checklist:

Here is a graphic representation of the process of becoming a Certified Trainer:

PATHWAY TO CERTIFICATION GRAPHIC  Simplified Chinese 3.11.19.pdf