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CNVC International Intensive (IIT), Sri Lanka
July 26 - August 4, 2017 

NVC Conference, India
Sept 2-9, 2017

NVC China
September 13-28, 2017
NVC and Mindfulness,
   Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing
Mediation, Yantai

NVC Taiwan
Sept 29 - Oct 3, 2017
Empathy Theater
Certification candidate training 

CNVC International Intensive (IIT), Maui
November 10-19, 2017
Topic:  Mediation and Restorative Pradtices

NVC Multimedia Library Resources with Jim and Jori Manske

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In terms of what we "charge", we are experimenting with a gift economy based on compassionate giving and receiving.  What that means is that we offer our services as a gift to you.  If you enjoy offering us a gift back, we would receiving it.  Most folks seem to find something in their heart that feels wonderful to offer based on their own needs and financial situation.

For monthly recurring payments through Paypal or by credit card:

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  • If you do not see the amount you would like to offer, please email us for further directions.

For a single payment for services:

  • By check:  Make payable to "Peaceworks" and mail to PO Box 790343, Paia, HI 96779
  • With a Paypal account or by credit card:
2.  Use as the email address
3.  Choose USD and add your amount.
4.  Click "continue" and follow instructions