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Thank you for checking out our Files section.  We hope you enjoy using these resources. 

Sometimes people ask us if they can use these resources in their own training or practice groups.  We like the idea of supporting you in this way and make our resources freely available. 

To contribute to needs for clarity and acknowledgment we request that you use each file in its entirety and keep them intact, including all copyright and contact information. 

If you choose to translate into another language, would you be willing to send us a copy?

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    Essence of NVC Recordings

    These recordings are from a series of workshops offered in Los Angeles, CA during the summer and fall of 2006.
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    Essence of NVC Workshop Notes

    Notes taken by participants during a series of workshops held in Los Angeles, CA in the summer and fall of 2006.
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    Recording of exercises and practices used in our Nonviolent Communication training. If downloading these exercises for your personal use or to support your practice groups: ***include and acknowledge of us, The Center for Nonviolent Communication and the developer of Nonviolent Communication, Marshall Rosenberg *** AND REFRAIN FROM USING THESE RECORDINGS IF YOU ARE ENGAGED IN DRIVING, OPERATING MACHINERY OR ANY TASKS THAT REQUIRES FOCUS AND ATTENTION IN THE EXTERNAL WORLD for your safety and the safety of others.
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    This file contains .pdf versions of various handouts. You may feel free to download these for personal use. You may also use them to support your own practice groups and training provided that you use the handout in its entirety, exactly as you download it, complete with all contact information. I also request that the colors stay consistent, and that if you provide copies for others that they be in color.
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    Recordings with Honolulu NVC Practice Group

    with Guest facilitator, NVC Trainer Jim Manske, Thursday, 17 August 2006 Recorded in Binaural!. Listen over headphones for best experience! Binaural recording © 2006 Duen Hsi Yen NVC content © 2006 Jim Manske Radical Compassion website located at: E-mail: