What is Radical Compassion?

Radical Compassion offers tools and practices of Nonviolent Communicationsm to help you more fully integrate compassion and joy into your life and to support a world where everyone has access to resources to meet their needs. 

These practical, learnable skills support:  

  • transforming blame and criticism into consideration and respect, through connection to the underlying needs that drive behavior
  • discerning what is actually happening right now, distinguishing observation from opinion
  • understanding the positive intention of our emotions:  feelings indicate that something is important right now
  • identifying underlying universally shared values to motivate and support connection
  • informing creative choices that work for all concerned
  • interacting with the dynamics of power in ways that increase cooperation and satisfaction in our relationships

A practice for presence and awareness of your own experience: 

  • Check your intention: Why do you want to do this right now? (Intention)
  • Focus on the present moment: What is presenting right now:
    • What information are you perceiving through your five senses? (Observation)
    • What physical sensations and emotions are you noticing? (Feeling)
    • What universal need/value is important to you right now? (Need)
    • What could you ask for that may contribute to your well-being? (Request)

(This practice is based on Nonviolent Communication)


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